Monthly Archives: May 2012

Things are beginning to happen!


So I had a call from the local community services and things are starting to move very fast! She wanted to come and do a home visit today (ahhh!), but I said no as I’m not home today (phew!). So she is going to call me again next monday and come around then to do a home assessment (yay! although I will be doing a lot of cleaning between now and then…talking to others I probably don’t actually need to do this, but I just can’t help it). Now I’m wondering if I should have a cot set up and ready, etc etc, I’m hoping that it’s ok to just show that I have the room for cots and toys etc, and don’t actually need to have them all good to go. I will let you know!

Training is being set up in the next few weeks and will probably take a couple of day (I’m going to have to arrange time off from prac for this, but hopefully that will be ok). Then I will need as assessment of my learning and I’m all done!! Wow, after going so slowly for such a long time it really seems like the end is in sight!! Hooray!


Slowly moving


Well all the police checks and referee stuff has been done now, so we’re slowly moving forward. Apparently they asked my referee’s some interesting questions like: “how do you know that she’s good with people?” and “what evidence do you have that she works well in groups?”

The woman doing the checks managed to catch one of my friends before he had his morning coffee, so apparently the conversation went a little like this: “Well I know she’s good with people because she’s friends will all different types of people, young and old, girls and guys. I mean not that she’s too friendly with guys, she’s got more female friends that males, not that she dosn’t have male friends, she does, she just..oh you know what I mean.”

Which made me laugh. 

Fortunately my other friend managed to give lots of sane, logical replies. Although she did manage to convince the lady that I was awesome, prompting the woman to say “wow, she sounds amazing!”. So maybe she swung too far in the other direction…

I think they will find me somewhere in between the two!

Anyways, now the next step is to await a phone call from my local office. I’ll keep you in the loop.