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The Saga of Sleep cont…


See here and here for the back story.

I just wanted to put out a word of encouragement for all you out there who are in the throws of getting kids to adjust to a sleep routine.

After two months and a whole lot of persistence, patience, a bit more persistence, a lot more patience, a ton of persistence, some tweaking, some room rearranging, some more tweaking and some more patience and persistence I believe that we have now settled into a comfortable sleep routine. The boys both sleep from 7:00/7:15pm until 6:00am (I had to give up my dreams of a seven o’clock start) and for an hour to an hour and a half during the day. There is still the occasional blip, but they are pretty consistent. They are falling asleep easily and quickly (hooray! I thought we would never get there for their night sleep, but we have) both sleep in their own beds and are rarely waking up during the night.

It makes my life so much more manageable.

So there is hope everyone. Keep persisting. Keep being patient. You’ll get there.

Now we have begun toilet training…





Sitting on Champ’s bed rubbing his back with one hand (he has a fever, poor thing), and typing assignments (small break for blogging) with the other.


Now that’s multi-tasking.

Count down…


I’m sorry I’ve been so slack at putting up updates, I’m doing my Masters in Social Work full time at the moment, as well as looking after the boys, so I’m a little bit pressed for time over here.

The good news is that the countdown to the end of uni for the year is on. I finished three major assignments last week and and two more to go that are due on Friday. Then I am done!!

Woo Hoo! I feel like I will finally be able to give the boys the attention that they deserve, mainly by giving myself the self-care that I need when they are asleep so I can be the parent that I want to be when they are awake.

Meanwhile I’m feeling very blessed because some friends of mine just paid a cleaner to come and clean my house. Ahhhh…..

The swearing is back


Ugh! It disappeared for a good two weeks or more, but something had triggered it’s return. It seems like all I hear is ‘you f#?ker’, ‘f#?k you f#?ker’, and chanting of ‘f#?ker, f#?ker, f#?ker, f#?ker’. From the three year old AND the one year old. And I just have to sit here and pretend that I can’t hear a thing. It’s driving me nuts!
Can’t wait until this latest episode of boundary pushing is over!