Monthly Archives: April 2013

I’ve got my Champ back


So I mentioned earlier that Champ had been having a bit of a hard time lately. Well on Friday afternoon he screamed for an hour because I wouldn’t let him watch TV. I ended up putting him in the backpack (ergo) where he feel asleep after about five minutes. I put him in bed and he slept for thirteen hours. When he woke up my Champ was back. He has been his usual lovely wonderful self all weekend, despite the fact it wasn’t a normal weekend and many stressors were involved. Tonight when I was putting him to bed after our cuddle he said “Mummy, you have a lovely sleep, I’ll see you in the morning”, and he blew me a kiss and went to sleep. I’m so glad the real Champ is back, I missed him.




“We’re going to see the beach and say hi to a shark!”

Champ sure is excited about going away and has been asking every day if it’s time to go on holidays yet. It will be the first time they’ve seen a city, a beach, been on a train, gone to a zoo… it’s going to blow their minds.

Now I just have to survive 1200km in a car with just me and a two and three year old…



Champ is not doing so well lately. Lots of breaking down in tears at nothing, lots of defiance, lots of hyperactivity, terrible bedtimes and his language has taken a noticeable backwards turn.

He’s a smart chicken and his bio family have been telling him for weeks now that he is about to go and live with Nana. He doesn’t cope with uncertainty and he hates waiting. He’s also only three years old and can’t really comprehend what’s going on. I honestly don’t think any of his behaviour  is purposeful, I think he’s just feeling unsettled and insecure.

I don’t know if going away is a good idea or a bad one. We’ll see.

Foster care sucks…


So court was on Friday.

Was told the decision to transition to Nan would be made and would happen over around six months. I was waiting to hear for sure so that I could plan a trip to see my family (1200km away) so they could meet the boys before they go. We were going to go away early May just before all the transition stuff took place.

What actually happened was this:

Caseworker didn’t reply to my phone calls on Friday before she went away on a weeks leave. Spoke to someone filling in for her. She told me that court was adjourned for three weeks. No idea why. Oh and it’s very unlikely it will be a six month transition, will probably just be a couple of weeks. Three weeks from now is when I was planning on going away. I had a nice lovely plan for my Mum to fly out and spend a couple of days with us then drive with us to their neck of the woods. Then two weeks split between different members of the family, meeting my new niece, catching up with people etc etc. Then mum and dad were going to drive out with us and spend two weeks out here.

Now instead I’ve made a last minute to drive by myself with two kids  next week and back again by myself so that we are assured of getting to have that experience for them before life goes completely belly up. It’s horribly rushed and totally sucky.

And there is a pretty big difference between six months and quickly over a couple of weeks.

Foster care sucks.