Ahh honeymoon..


Ahh honeymoon, I think you may be coming to a close. Judging from the tantrum (well her version, which is to collapse on the floor and sob) over shoes this morning, and the rather insolent behaviour this afternoon I think we might be about the enter the zone of actual parenting.

It’s a brave new world for me, and I feel a little under equipped. With little kids it tends to be ‘MY WORD IS LAW!!!!!!’ Mwahahahahaha, so to speak… But with older kids it’s definitely more give and take, mutual respect and knowing which moments are the one you put your foot down about. Do I jump on the little things so we know where we stand when we get to the big things, or do I let those go and focus on what really matters?

She’s a fairly reserved little person, so disrespect and disobedience tend to be more subtle, by omission, rather than comission. Leaving her with that wonderful proclamation “I wasn’t doing anything!!!”

Miss my babies to whom I just said “Sit in time out!”!!!!!!!!!!!!


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