Breaking through


I’ve got the boys again for the weekend (hooray! soaking up my cuddles big time) and I think it’s great for big sis. She is always much more emotional when they are around, which is unsurprising considering all the trauma she’s been through since she was taken into care (which from what I can see so far is more than she experienced when she was with her family, but that’s probably a post for another time…), and so small things are more likely to cause her to have a meltdown. But I think at this stage of our relationship this is probably a good thing as it helps that breaking through process. For example, today she got stroppy when I said she could have some noodles if she shared them with her brothers. She banged things angrily and raised her voice. Anyway, long story short, when she received her consequence for her little outburst (noodles were taken off the menu) she flipped out. Almost an hour of screaming, flailing, leg kicking, lying on the floor tantruming. It was good. No, I actually mean that is was good. Good for her to have the chance to have it out. To scream and cry for her mum, to be excessively and voluminously unhappy and to have nothing bad happen to her, to be comforted, to know that she can lose it and I’ll still care for her and that she is safe. She doesn’t realise it herself, but clearly her upset was about a whole lot more than not being able to have a packet of noodles. I’m looking forward to the chance to be able to talk it out with her tomorrow, hopefully when the boys  are asleep.

After she had calmed down, she sought me out, practically crawled into my lap to have a cuddle and a sob, then got herself some crumpets to eat instead and carried on with her afternoon.


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