Man, give me toddlers over seven year olds any day! She’s currently flipping out whenever she gets in even the slightest bit of trouble or gets corrected about anything. For instance tonight I asked her to ask before she gets up from the table at dinner time to go and get a drink or whatever because it’s bad table manners to jump up and down like a yoyo. Instant sulk. When I said ‘I’m really not interesting in sulking I’m going to go and do something else, hurry up and finish your dinner’ she proceeded to flip out about how I’m so mean, she’s always getting into trouble for doing nothing (she gets told off like once every two days!), and she’s going to ring cs on me for being so mean. At which point I said she’s very welcome to tomorrow morning, but for now she can go to bed, because I won’t be spoken to with such disrespect.

Ugh.  It’s doing my head in. At first I started out sympathising with her upset, comforting her and trying to help her understand that getting in trouble is just part of life (without backing down on the fact that whatever she did was not ok), but now a few weeks in I’m wondering if maybe I need to draw and line and say that having a tantrum when you get in trouble is not ok and I’m not going to engage when she’s behaving like that. It’s so difficult to work out where I should be comforting and where I should be ignoring…


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  1. I think it’s good to be strict with rules (e.g., she must ask before getting up), but I’d be more sensitive re: the sulking and ignore it.

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