Hell hath no fury…


…like an educated woman who is not allowed to see her children.

In the time since I have heard that I’m not allowed to see the boys I have come up with a course of action.

1. I contacted my state’s foster care advocacy group to determine if I am indeed breaking the law by having contact with the children (as the cw is stating).

2. I contacted an acquaintance who knows the in’s and out’s of the system and who previously worked at CS. She has given me some very valuable and hope inspiring information and I’m having a meeting with her on the weekend to get her perspective on the whole matter.

3. I’ve contacted a fellow blogger (albeit a far more famous one than I, thanks Rebecca) who is in the know to ask for some literature to back my position on ongoing contact between bio and foster families. She has also suggested that she may ask her rather extensive community for any research they may be aware of.

4. On Monday I will write an email to the CW, cc’ing the manager, the social worker, the foster carer support worker and anyone else that my spies suggest, stating my position on the matter (e.g. I believe it is to the greatest benefit of both the boys and the family to have continued support from myself) and refuting any of the reasons they have suggested as to why it is not appropriate.

5. At the end of the email I will request a written response stating their position on the matter with a full explanation as to the reasons they have come to said position.

6. If they do not come back with a satisfactory response I will take it up with Managers further up the line. I am willing to go to the Ombudsman and the Children’s Guardian if necessary.



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