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“We’re going to see the beach and say hi to a shark!”

Champ sure is excited about going away and has been asking every day if it’s time to go on holidays yet. It will be the first time they’ve seen a city, a beach, been on a train, gone to a zoo… it’s going to blow their minds.

Now I just have to survive 1200km in a car with just me and a two and three year old…


Prince Charming


And he shall be called Prince Charming. Because most of the time he is charming and the rest of the time he is a bit of a precious prince…

Champ really is so good with with him. Earlier they were both sitting on the floor and Prince Charming was flapping his arms and hitting my legs as babies are want to do. Champ gently took his hands, looked him in the eyes and softly said ‘no, no, we don’t hit mum’. Too cute! Then he kept playing with him in a lovely appropriate way for over five minutes. Which is a long time when you’re three!

More toilet stories


While making dinner this evening I announced to my children, as one does, that I was going to go and do a wee. Buddy body blocked me, shouted “No!” and raced ahead of me into the bathroom. Thirty seconds later he reappeared, pointing into the bathroom and smiling. Happily letting me go in. I walk in and he had taken Champ’s seat off the toilet and hung it on it’s hook, leaving the royal throne all ready for me. Kid kills me sometimes 🙂