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I’ve got my Champ back


So I mentioned earlier that Champ had been having a bit of a hard time lately. Well on Friday afternoon he screamed for an hour because I wouldn’t let him watch TV. I ended up putting him in the backpack (ergo) where he feel asleep after about five minutes. I put him in bed and he slept for thirteen hours. When he woke up my Champ was back. He has been his usual lovely wonderful self all weekend, despite the fact it wasn’t a normal weekend and many stressors were involved. Tonight when I was putting him to bed after our cuddle he said “Mummy, you have a lovely sleep, I’ll see you in the morning”, and he blew me a kiss and went to sleep. I’m so glad the real Champ is back, I missed him.


No idea what is going on…


I thought court was today. But it may in fact be tomorrow. I have no idea, but their caseworker couldn’t talk to me today when I rang. Buddy is not teething. He has hand foot and mouth. His biomum is going to rehab next week for up to six months, and now she doesn’t get to see him before she goes because he’s not allowed to go to visits. And I don’t know if I’m going to be able to be a birth partner at my friends birth (she was due yesterday), because everyone I had lined up to look after my kids also have their own kids who don’t need exposure to hfm.

Oh and I’ve barely slept for three days due to a screaming Buddy.

This week sucks.

All the bs…


Just had a very frank discussion with the support worker for the boy’s family. She basically told me almost the complete opposite of what CS told me the other day. The long and the short of it, taking into account the conflicting information, is that there is a small but very real chance that at court next week the judge could order the boys back to Nan. Please pray for the Judge, as he will presumably also be given conflicting information (unless CS has been lying to me, which is very possible) that he will be able to make a decision that is in the best interest of the boys. It now seems unlikely that the boys will live with me long term (contrary to what CS had been implying) and will eventually go back to live with Nan.

I don’t know how I’m feeling about all this. I support reunification but had been told it was a very remote possibility so it is all very sudden.



I haven’t posted for a while, sorry gang, I’m a lapsed blogger but I will try to pick it back up 🙂

Most crucial piece of info: No Prince Charming. Apparently they still don’t have his birth certificate. By my calculations he is now almost one. When he does come I’m not going to be getting a baby anymore…

Champ is doing well. Has mostly decided to leave the crazy tree alone, aside from a few battles of will every now and then. He loves freely, has a generous soul and is a social butterfly. He is my heart’s delight.

Buddy seems to be finally moving away from the most frustrating part of the terrible twos (which I believe happens between about 20 and  27 months) which makes it much easier to be a joyful parent :). He is, as always, adorable, cheeky, funny and a great hugger. He is my heart’s delight.

Court is next week, and they may or may not get final orders. Not that it really seems to make a difference anyway as they are Aboriginal and the placement principals still mean they could be moved anytime in the next 18 months if a more culturally suitable placement is found and I believe that Nan will still remain an option for the next year or so if she can get herself sorted. So really I don’t actually know what the point of final orders are… I’m just praying that God will work it out for the best for my boys and that He will help me strive not to be selfish, no matter what happens.

Is it normal or is it trauma?


I find myself asking that question all the time with Champ. Several of my friends have kids the same age as him and they all assure me that it’s normal. Their three year olds are highly emotional, cry for no logical reason and generally seem to find life just a bit tough to negotiate. Yet when he’s sitting at the table in the morning watching me make breakfast, just as I’ve done every morning since they’ve come, and he suddenly bursts into tears because he wants breakfast, I struggle to see it as ‘normal’. When I give him his weet-bix and he bursts into tears for no reason other than it’s too empty, or too full, or bits are sticking up, or not sticking up, it doesn’t seem ‘normal’. I haven’t had biological children to compare, so I don’t really know. Maybe in the long run it doesn’t make much difference, but I feel that it would be helpful to know if it’s just a normal three year old learning to cope with the disappointments of the world (such as he’s weet-bix sticking up out of the milk!), or if it’s a sign of deeper emotional struggles. Do I need to be super patient, or teach him to to be less of a sook?

And for the record there isn’t really anyone at community services that I can ask. Their caseworker is not exactly an expert on child development. She mentioned that when Prince Charming comes to live with us she reckoned that with my boys to copy he’d be up and walking almost straight away. My response? Umm, he’s eight months old, I really hope not!

Also, re Prince Charming. He’ll still be another week or two, apparently there is some paperwork kerfuffle that they need to work out…